O femina delicata

A lot  of works of Marie Claire D ARMAGNAC are registered under the sign of the travel. A surrealist interior travel which is also an exploration out of space and time by the marvellous one and the poetic magic of this beautiful and free oneiric  painting  which opens and becomes a true spiritual odyssey

In turn, simultaneously fantastic or baroques, marvellous or lyric, oneiric or surrealist and singularly revealing of the tales “in fairies and gestures” of a magic universe and enchanter, magic works of Marie-Claire D ARMAGNAC put in strange half light an enigmatic Art where the normal one and the supernatural one mixes and combine themselves with grace, esthetism and deep truth, in their heart and conscience… in the coloured gushing of unconsciousness, in the middle of the world of the  essencial and the emotion

Mythological and allegorical link married with metaphysics in the very personal painting of Marie-Claire D ARMAGNAC. A work in which a mysterious magic reaches the perfect consent between the forms the colors and the light to drive to the plenitude of the soul

To drop anchor of the glance in the aquatic landscape of a painting


Des couleurs pour le dire...